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So often, in conversations with our fishing buddies, we hear about «The one that got away», and it is always an absolute monster of a fish. This is a conversation that has been had since man first started fishing, along with arguments about the best bass fishing lures, trout fishing lures, salmon fishing lures and even night fishing lures. Through the ages, we have learned to outsmart this wonderful prey with all manners of natural and artificial bait. Recently, however, many of us have realized a stark truth…the big trophies just don’t seem as interested anymore. The biggest question is why?

«It was a taimen weighing over 45 lbs...»

Traditional lures we used in the past and still use today, whether plastic, metal or rubber areloaded into our truck or boat and we head off to our favorite honey hole, whether on a lake or along a river. As you settle in to start casting, you note that it seems that today there are a many more casts made and a lot fewer strikes. At Mausfish, we also noticed this trend and have worked tirelessly to research the reasons why. We are happy to share our research with you:


The most common baits used mimic fish, worms, insects and amphibians…all creatures readily found in bodies of water. What are not found often are small rodents such as mice, chipmunks and squirrels. These protein packed treats do swim across bodies of water, but are not something that is as common to the food chain. It is a known fact that big fish would much rather eat fewer but larger meals than have to chase after many small meals. It is the fundamental law of energy conservation and it is the foundation for the Mausfish line of artificial baits making it one not only one of the best bass fishing lures and bass topwater lures, but one the best trout fishing lures and salmon fishing lures as well. Rather than working to mimic food sources that exist in abundance, Mausfish was created to offer that trophy an irresistible meal that would be packed with nutrition but also an easy kill swimming across the surface. These are almost exact replicas of the real animal and have been honed over years of research and trialsto even include realistic fur to ensure the vibrations sent out exactly mimic a live swimming creature.


It was discussed earlier in this article that there are many different types of bass topwater lures, salmon fishing lures, trout fishing lures and night fishing lures, and as most of you know, you have to take multiple tackle boxes to fit this multitude of offerings.This is likely never going to change, but you can add a natural alternative to your arsenal to increase your catch rates. Underwater cameras were taken to a lake in the northern US where pike are a primary target. Clear water was found near a clump of reeds where heavy fish activity was present. A multitude of lures, including swim baits, crankbaits and topwaters were cast into the area. It was very interesting to watch as some lures garnered the interest of certain fish while others seemed almost frightened of them and moved deeper into the cover. A small Mausfish chipmunk was then cast into the same area and were surprised to note that none of the fish moved away and all expressed interest. As we watched, it became evident that the largest of the fish often were the most shy with traditional salmon fishing lures and even trout fishing lures, leading to the conclusion that they had seen these so many times, they instantly recognized them as not being a food source.

This is a scenario that was also repeated on a reservoir near a grassbed with black bass with similar results. Based on our results, we offer this as one of the top bass topwater lures out there, as well as one of the top performing night fishing lures as well. Over and over again, the largest fish have shown why they get that big…they learn.


We understand that the reason many of us fish is to always increase the size of our biggest catch. This is likely the reason you are reading this article…to learn how to catch bigger fish more consistently.

Mausfish was created in, and still made in Russia. One of the founders shared a story of the first encounter of a taimen using the Mausfish lures. If you are not familiar with the taimen, it is a giant Eurasian river salmon that can reach lengths in excess of 6 feet and over 200 lbs.

A camp had been set along the shores of a mountain river in summertime Siberia. Even in summer, the air was cold at night, but the temptation to try out the Mausfish prototypes was too much. Making his way down to the river’s edge, being careful not to make any sounds, our friend stalked up to the river bank. The Mausfish lures had not been tested in a live setting prior to this moment. As the first cast was made into the darkness, it was apparent from the feel that this was lure was different than any night fishing lure he had used. It launched with a smooth, unrestricted flow and landed with a satisfying splash. As the retrieve began, the lure seemed to almost take on a life of its own. There were very subtle vibrations as it swam across the current.

After a few casts the sound of a tenacious strike was heard and the line bumped hard. It was a miss, which is not uncommon for night fishing. Carefully placing the lure in the same area, after only 3 or 4 cranks, an explosion of water was heard and the line went tight. As the powerful taimen raced with the current, the drag sang out and line was stripped. Finally, after a long, solid fight, the fish came alongside the bank. It was a taimen weighing over 45 lbs. and the largest he had caught to date.

This is how research and design has combined with extensive time on the water to create a passion for the Mausfish line by the founders, and how they want to share the experience of fishing one of the most truly innovative topwaters to come along in a long time.

We are Mausfish, and we are committed to offering innovative and natural solutions to catching more and bigger fish.

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