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Introducing Mausfish, not only one of the best topwater lures for sale today, but one of the most unique fishing lures for sale on the market, period.

Mausfish is not just another mouse lure, but rather one of the best fishing lures for sale thanks to its extreme realism. Our team has honed over 10 years of combined experience to offer not just one of the most unique fishing lures for sale on the market today, but truly one of the best fishing lures for sale ever. Since the launch of the Mausfish line, our online tackle shop has seen orders steadily climb, especially with our new line of Muskie fishing lures including our Squirrel and Chipmunk imitations.

Fish are used to seeing ordinary swim baits, worms and other commonly found baits in bodies of water. What always marks the best fishing lures for sale is an offering that is natural, yet seldom seen. Big fish don’t get big by accident. They have learned to wait and ambush fewer, but larger meals. A mouse, squirrel or chipmunk swimming across the surface presents an absolutely irresistible chance at a big meal, with minimal risk or effort. This has always been the goal of a mouse lure in the past, but previous baits have come up short.


Most topwater lures for sale today rely on the angler to provide all of the action, and frankly many, including a lot of the Bass, Trout and Muskie fishing lures, don’t really look like any type of living creature. The secret to Mausfish lies in it extremely realistic fur, which gives off ripples exactly like a swimming rodent would across the surface of the water. This isn’t your grandpa’s mouse lure!The

Mausfish line of topwaters not only have the realistic fur, but the body shape is exactly the size and shape of the real thing…giving that monster swimming below the most realistic silhouette it is likely to have ever seen! This is truly one of the easiest topwater baits you will ever use!

Most online tackle shops will offer baits in every size and color, but most are created to catch the fisherman rather than the fish. With Mausfish, we offer the best selection of topwater mouse, squirrel and chipmunk baits, in only the most realistic colors. We also offer the baits in black to create strong silhouettes for night fishing.

Please visit our other pages for additional information, or visit our online tackle shop to order now and start catching those lunkers!

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